Plan and play: where do you want to travel?

The waves slap methodically on the beach. The gulls cry above, chattering at each other and the humans baking on the sand. In the distance, kids are deep in conversation about the construction of their sand castle. All these sounds reverberate in your head as you board your flight home, with a smile of remembrance.

This is the way most folks want to feel after their vacation. How do you ensure your travels have the desired outcome? This blog is dedicated to the planning and the outcome of your journeys.

The intent is to help travelers work through how to plan a vacation or trip, and share those plans with the community. For some, planning travel excites and for others, it’s very scary. Many folks are not interested in how the journey comes together, just that it works. Others sweat every detail, every hour, and every meal. I think most of us are in the middle, insuring that there’s a bed to sleep in and transportation to get there, letting everything else work out.

This site is for those who are interested in developing and executing their travel plans, whether those plans are for vacations, business, education, or for a whole new start.

Our methodology relies on the “What does success look like?” model which is a simple process with the traveler in mind. Having spent many years as a project manager and business process specialist, the classic tools of this trade come easy. Core principles for planning and executing a journey are:

  • Requirements: What is necessary for this journey to meet expectations
  • Scope: The expectations of the journey
  • Resources: What, or who do  you need to complete this journey
  • Budget: the cost, usually in currency but occasionally in time of this journey.
  • Quality: how well did the trip go? Were expectations met for the voyagers?

Stay with us as we talk about the plan, the execution, and the finish. Plan and play!

Plan ~ Play ~ Discover

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